Lady Finger Banana Chips was the first product that Fruitival introduced to the world.

We conducted many months of research on the banana variety most suited as Fruitival’s ingredient. We reviewed existing banana varieties favoured by the market such as the Cavendish banana, the Pisang Awak banana, the Golden banana and the Silver Bluggoe banana, all similar in their nutrition aspects. But there is one variety of banana that was at the time less popular, but which has some unique special qualities that make it stand out from the rest: the Lady Finger banana.

Why Lady Finger Bananas?
Generally speaking, the banana can be grown easily in tropical climates with adequate soil – especially in Thailand. The taste of each variety is generally very similar regardless of where it is planted. However, the Lady Finger banana is an exception. For Lady Finger bananas, Thais know that the best place for the highest quality and best tasting product is Tha Sae district in Chumphon province in Thailand’s South.

As a result, we went straight to Lady Finger banana orchards in Tha Sae to taste test and hopefully procure this one of a kind material for Fruitival products. We discovered that the Lady Finger bananas here were sweeter with a more intense aroma and hence more delicious than bananas from other sources. This can be attributed to the climate and the richness of organic matter in the soil and in particular the high incidence of potassium and phosphorus essential to the Lady Finger’s growth.

Though the Lady Finger banana is small and tapers like a lady’s finger (hence the name), the peel is edible without the astringent taste found in other bananas. Furthermore, the peel is very high in vitamins and fiber. The Lady Finger banana also contains 3 different kinds of natural sugar: fructose, sucrose and glucose so it is not only a good source of fiber but can also promptly provide energy for the body. Its very high iron content also helps to prevent anemia, while the high fibre content helps to reduce constipation.