The coconut tree is the source of many useful products including coconut juice, coconut milk, coconut-palm sugar, and coconut oil. However, the most enduring way the nutrition of coconuts can be preserved for the long term is to use the inner white meat, or copra, turning it into such products as dried coconut chips.

Fruitival’s dried coconut chips are made from carefully selected 8-month old semi-ripe coconuts of the Thuentuk variety grown in Samutsakhorn province. The white meat of each coconut is extracted and then cut into strips, mixed with sugar and salt then baked at a low temperature for 8 hours. This slow baking ensures that Fruitival coconut chips not only taste great and have a pleasant aroma, but also that they retain the coconuts’natural nutrients and texture.

Though coconuts are rich in fats, not all of these are necessarily bad fats. For example, coconuts contain lauric acid, a fatty acid that helps increase useful HDL cholesterol levels. HDL is is considered “good” cholesterol in that it is able to scrub the blood vessel walls clean and keep them free from fatty deposits. Moreover, coconut copra is full of vitamin B and C, and other minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc as well as fiber all of which are essential for a healthy functioning human body.
Swaying coconut trees are a common sight on Thailand’s beautiful beaches, but coconut trees can be grown in every part of Thailand and coconut meat and water are essential ingredients of Thai cooking – both for main courses and desserts. Indeed, the fleshy inner white meat of the coconut is also a source of coconut oil (eg used for skin moisturizers) and margarine.

Given the amazing properties of the coconut, Fruitival makes use of both parts of this tropical wonder food: the inner white flesh of the nut for our Fruitival Coconut Chips and the water for our Fruitival Coconut Water.