Durian is often called “the king of fruits” and is beloved by many in SE Asia for its unique taste even in spite of its high price tag. Durian grows only in humid- tropical areas and Thailand is currently the largest durian producer in the world. Though there are many different varieties of durian, the most popular ones in Thailand are Morn Thong (Golden Pillow), Chanee (Gibbon), Kan Yao (Long Stem) and Kradum Thong (Golden Button).

For our durian chips, Fruitival carefully selects and uses only the best Morn Thong durian from Chantaburi, the province acknowledged for producing the most and best durian in Thailand and possibly the world.

Why Morn Thong? Morn Thong is considered the best of all durian varieties, but it is also ideal for making Fruitval chips because of the larger size of the fleshy inner fruit and its sweet taste which is free of bitterness when preserved.

Fruitival seeks only the highest quality durian and this means the durian tree and fruit must be carefully nurtured for more than six months by skilled fruit farmers if the tree is to provide an abundance of high quality durian. Durian fruit selected for Fruitival chips is mature but not totally ripe so that after frying and baking it still tastes fresh and has a pleasant aroma. The cooking oil used in the process is frequently replaced to make sure that the durian snack is safe from harmful chemicals or any hint of rancid smell. This state of the art production process also produces Fruitival durian chips which can remain crispy for a year without any loss of freshness.

Durian provides high energy and nutrition benefits. Durian contains high amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fat and minerals such as potassium and calcium. Yet the fat that durian contains is generally not considered harmful. Indeed, Morn Thong durian is believed to be able to help reduce fat and cholesterol levels because of the polyphenols and fibers that it also contains. Durian, especially Morn Thong, also has antioxidant agents meaning that, if consumed in appropriate quantities, durian can also help prevent many diseases such as heart disease and cancer.