Taro is a root vegetable similar to a potato, popular as a staple food in much of Asia and Africa. In Thailand, two types of taro are commonly grown: Phichit taro and Aromatic Chiangmai taro.

After extensive tasting and testing, Fruitival chose the Aromatic Chiangmai taro variety for our taro chips. This variety is larger in size has a white/purple colour and has a unique fragrance when boiled. But most importantly for making chips, its texture does not become coarse or tough upon frying.

Thai people love taro due to its inviting aroma and great taste – similar to, yet different from, potato chips. It is also very beneficial to the body and provides a great deal of energy. Taro contains high amounts of carbohydrates, protein and minerals such as iron, potassium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin B1. It also contains high amounts of fluoride that helps prevent tooth decay and can reinforce bones to prevent knee arthrosis, an affliction often found among elderly women deficient in calcium. Taro is also good for the kidneys and intestines and can stop diarrhea.